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Christmassy Poland & Kraków Bagels (Obwarzanek)

For an old city, Kraków feels young. Sure there are plenty of wizened folk walking their matching dogs, plenty haunched over their breakfasts or selling obwarzanek krakowski, but Kraków itself—as a cultural centre and urban dwelling place—feels young in the sense that it’s just getting back … Continue reading

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Zemlovka (Apple Bread Pudding)

And cue apple season. New York’s Malus domestica variety is far more commendable than I’d been ready to give it credit for; live in the UK for any amount of time and some degree of apple snobbery becomes second nature. I … Continue reading

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Whole Wheat Blackberry Challah

New York’s Jewish population isn’t kidding around. I’d never had school off during Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur before, so to celebrate this first-ever occurrence and repay my roommates for buying all the toilet paper, I baked a loaf of … Continue reading

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