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Huevos a la Flamenca (Andalusian Baked Eggs)

Any sort of breakfast is considered a luxury in the midst of final deadline week, so you can imagine my initial reservations and feelings of preemptive guilt when my flatmate spontaneously suggested a belated birthday brunch one morning. From hardly having … Continue reading

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Moules-Frites (Belgian Mussels & Parsnip Fries)

A couple Christmasses ago, I was a teenager spending the holidays a hemisphere away from her family for the first time. Cheap Megabus tickets offered great solace and the promise of dazzling Christmas markets galore, so my first destination was … Continue reading

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Rhubarb Apple Tarte Tatin

Rhubarb just isn’t something that shows up in Florida. At the onset of my foodie journey, it (along with things like quinoa, amaranth, mangosteen) was firmly in the category of captivatingly exotic ingredients that I was positive about loving without … Continue reading

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