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Cycling Stories & Forged Apples

Some notable food-related bits have occurred in the past month; here’s a loosely curated deposit including magazine spreads and food cooked on a Blacksmith’s 1200ºC forge. A spread from my chicken-and-storm-filled cycling trip appeared in Issue 07 of Root+Bone. The original recipe for the Banana Oat Energy … Continue reading

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Rhubarb Meringue Tart

One day I’ll achieve the “stiff peak” stage of meringue-whisking by hand. Until I acquire a shiny copper bowl and rock-solid forearms, though, I’ll keep borrowing electric blenders from my high-tech friends. Ruby red rhubarb season is at an end, … Continue reading

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Lebanese Pickled Turnips (Kabees El Lift)

The term “fermentation” (first observed by Pasteur as la vie sans air: life without air) carries a lot of baggage with it—historical, cultural, psychological. It’s responsible for some of my favourite things in the world: yogurt, miso, coffee, sauerkraut, stinky … Continue reading

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