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Autumn Romesco Roast & Visa Limbo

Since the beginning of October—and for ‘up to’ eight more weeks—my Tier 2 visa application has been sitting somewhere in the Home Office, slotted into a stack of bureaucratic paperwork. Aside from the weekly sign-in required of international students (mostly … Continue reading

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Analogue Madrid & Baked Sea Bream (Besugo a la Madrileña)

June has come and gone along with the first half of 2015, it seems. The degree show has been curated, painstakingly built up (and all-t00-easily taken back down), my wonderful Mother came to visit, and tomorrow I start at my first full-time job … Continue reading

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Sopes with Radish Pico de Gallo

People tend to respond with bewilderment upon finding out I’m from Florida, eyeing me warily as though my mental state must be questionable to voluntarily leave the Sunshine State. “Why would you trade THAT for THIS?”, they demand as they … Continue reading

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