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Mulled Wine Cranberry Sauce & Pumpkin Cornbread

A Thanksgiving confession: up until a few years ago, I’d only experienced tinned cranberry sauce—and loved it because I knew no other. Yes, the kind that plops gelatinously out onto your plate and retains the moulded ridges of the can … Continue reading

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Ndolé (Bitterleaf/Kale Peanut Stew with Shrimp & Plantain)

It’s that time of the semester when jadedness and panic simultaneously begin to set in. While this is usually not the most lucrative grounds for productivity, I’ve managed to economise my studio time by weaving two projects into one and making it … Continue reading

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Pear & Apple Ring Pancakes (Apfelküchle) with Maple-Cider Syrup

Rejoice! It’s high time that a pear graces the blogfront—perhaps my favourite winter fruit. I also figured it would be a shame for autumn to pass with only a single, scant apple recipe. For those of you who aren’t bread pudding fans (do … Continue reading

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